Heya (: It's 'R' TS here!

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Heya (: It's 'R' TS here! Empty Heya (: It's 'R' TS here!

Post  RealTwilightSparkle on Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:43 pm

Heya what's up? I am known as the 'real' Twilight Sparkle.
There is probably going to be a lot of controversy over that, and I apologize.
Moving on. I thought I'd check this site out in hopes to help out with Guitar and Bass tabbing for anyone who needs it. I have made some decent Guitar Pro renditions of songs before. Even did one of Winter Wrap Up (Well. An acoustic version, as the tuning in the original Winter Wrap Up is messed up.)
I am also working on the original version of Winter Wrap Up as well. You can find it at /t41-winter-wrap-up-standard-tuning-guitar-pro-tabs#265 (Add equestrianrhapsody.forumotion)
(I can't send external links for another week. Just registered.

I am a big forum junkie and I am easy to talk to. I will probably be on these forums quite a bit checking up on things and talking to people. Smile

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Heya (: It's 'R' TS here! Empty Re: Heya (: It's 'R' TS here!

Post  MikeGallop on Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:07 pm

Hello there!
Better late than never I guess? Smile

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