Lunar Disturbance (Original Song) Tribute to Luna

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Lunar Disturbance (Original Song) Tribute to Luna Empty Lunar Disturbance (Original Song) Tribute to Luna

Post  Shaico on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:36 pm

So far, I got the lyrics down for the 1st verse. It's going to be spoken in a deep voice, but no rapped, as if Nightmare Moon was talking. I've also finished the music for this part but I'll post it some other time.

Hello sunshine, it’s been too long

[Nightmare Moon]
I’ve been stuck in my own hell
Wallowing in pity
Singing my lonely song
While my hatred grows strong
Have you counted the years?
Of when I’ve been gone
Of all the tears I shed
And that stain of blackness
in my head

Let the moonlight dance
And the sun rays shrivel
As I extend this nighttime
Let the ponies be uncivil
Chaos will roam across the land
And throughout the ocean
All in one quick and deadly motion

[Luna’s voice]
I don’t expect any forgiveness

[Nightmare Moon's Voice]
And you shouldn’t either
A thousand years in solitude
Who the hell cares if I’m ageless!?
A little spice of rage
And a little dash of obsidian night
News flash SISTER,
You will never see the light.


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