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Post  Necro on Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:57 am

So, as a hobby, I enjoy writing. Normally I'm not much of one for fanfiction, but long story short, I noticed this during the final episode of season 1, and proceeded to notice the same background character in literally three places at once during the gala. I joked about this in an MLP thread on another forum, then someone mentioned seeing five Derpies, and the whole thing snowballed with the momentum of me watching The Matrix the day before. Probably didn't help seeing this, either.

Anyway, without further ado, I present my attempt at writing, Chapter 1, Act 1 of My Little Clony: Friendship Is DNA.

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Chapter I, Act I
The Doctor and Bright Eyes

What if everything you knew, everything you thought was correct, everything you’d been led to believe, who you were told the good guys and bad guys were since you were a little foal, all of it, was all a lie in some twisted game?

How would you feel? Would you be angry? Sad, depressed, relieved, what would run through your mind the instant you realized everything was all fabricated? What would you do once you found out? Would you mope about? Would you be overwhelmed and end things right there? Would you become misequestric?

Or would you get even? Would you fix the broken, and bring down the player in this sick game?

My name is Caesar. Odds are you’ve seen me – or at least one of me – before. A tophat and monocle adorn my face. I’m prominent businesscolts, politicians, wealthy and important. Everywhere from Manehattan to Ponyville you can find one of me. This particular Caesar is a businesscolt in Manehattan, and a fan of fashion.

Why do I speak like there’s more than one? Because there are, of course. There’s more than one of everypony. We all have individual memories, thoughts based on how we’ve lived, souls, and such, but we all have hundreds, maybe thousands of identical twins throughout Equestria, and only a dozen or so are ever active at once. More are ready to be taken out and swapped in to avoid anyone questioning the system, should one of us fall victim to some sort of accident. Which tends to happen a lot when you’re viewed as a game piece.

Nopony’s ever noticed though, because of the skilled work of the player, the game master. Because of them, whenever somepony realizes what’s going on, that same night, they’re replaced. They’re taken away, “removed”, and then replaced by a new one, identical in every way, and indoctrinated with the experiences and beliefs of their predecessor, though some of the old one’s contacts and such need to remain the old ones in order to reaffirm the “memories”. Not a pretty fate, is it?

They move us around, controlling the events that we react to so we never meet a duplicate of ourselves or those we know. They watch us, monitoring us for anything odd where they can. By the time most realize the part about them looking over your shoulder, they’re already being dragged off for removal. I’m lucky in that sense. I’m already aware of this. Nobody ever stayed alive long enough to find out who they were. I have a few theories though, and I plan to see through finding which one is the one.

So if there are so many precautions, you may ask, how come removals are even needed? How does word get out? Well, everypony is bound to slip up eventually. And occasionally the game master gets overconfident. Which is how I found out about it.

A few weeks ago, given my position, I was one of many I know to receive an invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala. In the VIP section this year, too. However something happened as I listened in out of boredom on the conversation one of the Wonderbolts was having – A rainbow-maned unicorn headbutted me up into the air.

Lost my tophat during the fall, but I found it later, and moreover, gained something valuable. Knowledge of the reality of our world. When I was shot up into the air, I saw two identical ponies staring in shock and surprise from across the room. Not just identical to each other – identical to me. They were separate, but for that moment, I saw two other Caesars standing elsewhere. I don’t know if there were more at the Gala, or if there are more than three of me awake right now.

After I regained my composure from the fall, I started searching around the building, pretending to just be going around the party to see friends. I saw them everywhere, now that I was looking for them; identical duplicates, the same skin tone, the same mane colour, the same eyes, the cutie mark, even the outfit was the same. Copies all around me, alive and individual, yet…not unique. And worst of all, until I “woke up” and realized this, I was one of them. It was like something out of a horror film.

I managed to keep an image of collection during the remainder of the Gala, though to my fortune, some sort of destruction in the dance hall ended it early, allowing me to escape home sooner rather than later. It’s been three weeks since, and I’ve managed to get little sleep, but I’ve pieced things together, based on who I recognized amongst the copies, who there was only one of invited, and trying to find information on my other selves.

I’ve been assembling the pieces. I’ve been placing potential Game Masters, who may be the puppeteer behind all this madness. I don’t have anything concrete yet, but I have conjecture as hard as concrete. I can’t keep going alone though – I don’t have the capability, talents, skill, or fortitude to do everything myself. I need a team.

Because of this, as well as the network of lies, I’ve been piecing together one of those I trust, those with capability, and those who have connections. I’ve narrowed the ponies who fit all of these down to a small group; The Doctor, The Sage, Ziggy, The Specialist, and Bright Eyes. Each is a friend I am confident I can trust and inform of what I’ve learned, and each has a specific ability that will help with what I need to confirm, and if we live that long, take down the mastermind of this “reality”.

First I need to get to them though. Ziggy’s job requires travel, so he’ll be a challenge to get to. Bright Eyes and The Doctor I see daily though, so they should be easy to reach. The Sage is a town out from Manehattan. As for The Specialist, she’s here tonight, so I’ll be able to get to her later today, as well.

In the meantime though, I need to get to work, and that means reaching out to those I want with me, starting with the doctor.


“That’s all…that’s all I should need to convince him.” As he spoke, Caesar turned around, walking away from the wall behind him. It was covered in photos, string wrapped around tacks connecting different things to each other, and a mess of sticky notes, all with seemingly abstract meaning. To the side though, there was a simplified, easier to follow version. The curtains in the room were drawn, and the lights, excepting a single lamp, were off, leaving the room in near darkness.

Caesar waded his way through the pile of food wrappers, crumpled notes and photos, and drink cans to the door, pushing it open, before rearing back and falling over, the sunlight greeting his eyes for the first time in days, like a flashlight shining right in front of your face after hours in the dark. He shook his head as he got up, as if to shake away clouds inside his head, and continued on, managing to get out this time.


There was a creaking sound as Caesar pushed the wooden door open. A heavy, warm-smelling slab of mahogany, it moved slowly, but it was also a very reliable door if anyone ever pounded on it. This building, lit by an odd mix of open windows and abnormally strong synthetic light, was the house of Doctor Whoof, an old friend of his, and somepony who seemed to have the ability to be in two places at once, in addition to being both resourceful and smart.

“Doc?” He called. “It’s Caesar. I need to speak with you about something.” The businesscolt glanced around as he spoke, eyes jumping from nicknack to tchotchke to trinket, and all in-between, from amulets to instruments to odd-looking pieces of what seemed like technology. Whoof always had strange tastes, and it seemed like he added something newer and stranger each time he came over.

“Sure, I’ll be down in a second.” He came down a moment later, a curious look on his face. “Caesar, I haven’t seen you in weeks. Where’ve you been?”

“It’s a long story, I’ll explain later.” Caesar responded. “In the meantime, come along with me, I want to show you and a few others something. Something important.”

He nodded, though the curious look on his face began to mix with skepticism. “Sure, but…what is it?”

“I can’t tell you outside. Business stuff and all that.” He nodded, the skepticism fading, though confusion taking its place. “Alright, but one more question. You’re not wearing a tophat, I thought you liked that thing?”

Caesar glanced up, feeling the top of his head. Indeed, he had left his tophat at home in his hurry. “…Must’ve forgotten it. Can I borrow one of yours?” Doctor Whoof nodded, a smile coming onto his face now. “Sure, let me go get one.” The Doctor ran off up the wooden stairs, then returned a moment later, carrying a round, red hat with him.

“…This is?” Caesar spoke with confusion, as he hadn’t seen a hat like this before.

“It’s a fez.” The doctor replied. “Fezzes are cool.” There was a moment of silence before either spoke up again.

“…On second thought, keep the fez, my house is on the way, I’ll just get my hat when we pass it.” Whoof shrugged, then nodded, tossing the hat onto his own head.


“Equestria Postal Service Central Office, this is the place.” The two colts stood outside the aforementioned building, gazing up at the massive, glass-enclosed structure, both now wearing the proper hats.

“…Alright, you’ve brought me random places before,” Whoof spoke with a bemused edge. “But usually I’m fine with it because I can get something silly that looks good in a glass case. This I just don’t get.”

“We’re here to get another friend. I want her to see this too.” As Caesar responded, The Doctor raised one eyebrow, lowering the other, a look of confusion.

“You know, you still haven’t told me what you want to show us.” Whoof said.

“All in good time, my friend.” At that, the tophat-adorned of the two walked forward, pushing open the door, the colt in the fez following behind.

They entered into a large lobby, a large, round, utilitarian room, mainly empty, save for an assortment of ponies in chairs all around, as this was apparently the waiting room as well. There was a wooden desk near the back, also round, with a single pony behind it. She played with a small, cube-shaped puzzle, leaning back in her chair and paying none of the others much mind, including the Doctor and Caesar.

“Can I help you?” She asked in a flat, low monotone. It was clear she was bored by the tone of voice, as well as annoyed, likely by the mere fact the two had entered, as her pay didn’t rely on anyone coming in, meaning every guest was a unnecessary nuisance.

“Um…we’re looking for a friend, she works he—“

“Just give me her name already.” No time wasted at all.

“Erm, her name’s Derpy.” The receptionist eyed the two colts in front of her from behind a pair of sharp, pointed glasses, for a moment, before nodding.

“Weird girl. Good at her job though, Go down the hall on the left, she’s through the third door on the right.” Caesar nodded, heading in the direction, Doctor Whoof following after.


They arrived at the door, pushing it open and entering the room. The inside of it was clean and sharp, an angular, space-saving rectangle of space, devoid of many things to catch the senses, save for the scent of baked goods and a desk with neat stacks of envelopes, a mailbag hanging over a chair in front of the desk. Behind it was another chair, on which sat a gray, cross-eyed unicorn, who was staring intently – or as intently as you can cross-eyed – at a muffin on the desk.

The two entered, confused less by the look on the unicorn’s face, and more by the muffin. “Um…Derpy?” The unicorn’s focus shot away from the muffin, then to the two guests, a look of surprise on her face, which was soon replaced by one of joy.

“Caesar! Whoofy!” At that, she hopped over the desk, tackling both of them, using one arm to give each what would be considered a hug if it were looser.


“Oh!” She released the two, stepping back up as they pulled each other back to their feet. “Why’re you two here?”

“Apparently Caesar wants to show us something.” The Doctor said. “Won’t say what.”

“Ooh, a surprise! What is it?” The smile on her face had gone to a look of excitement now.

“I can’t say yet. But it’s…a doozy, to put it mildly.” There was a moment of uncomfortable silence, during which Derpy stared at the two, somehow looking more confused than before.

“A what?” She asked.

“…A doozy.” He replied.

“A what?” Caesar bit his lip in annoyance for a moment.

“Something big.” The expression on her face switched from confused to happy once more.

“Oh, okay!” She said with cheer.

“So, can you come with us then?” She glanced from the two of them to her desk, then back again.

“Sorry, I have work. Muffins don’t mail themselves! Although they could if you used magic…we should hire more unicorns…” The tangent turned into muttering, during which Derpy’s eyes shot around, still cross-eyed, but changing where they were staring rapidly.

Caesar and Doctor Whoof exchanged concerned glances, before Caesar put a hoof on Derpy’s shoulder to try to get her attention.

“Oh, sorry!” She blurted, turning back to the two. “I’m busy right now, but I can meet you guys later?” Caesar nodded, a smile on his face.

“Sure, that’ll be fine. Come to the Grooving Grotto around 8, we’ll meet there.”

“Alrighty then!” At that, she hopped back behind the desk, returning to staring at the muffin. The two colts exchanged glances once more, then walked out, closing the door behind them.

“So wait, if you’re going to show us at eight, why did you get me now?” The look of confusion had returned to The Doctor’s face.

“We’re not done yet. We still have one more person to get before we can go.” The confused face deepened, annoyance mixing into it.

“…Okay, it’s 11 AM. You can get across all of Manehattan in three hours. Even if we go from here to the west end and back, it’ll only be 5. That leaves four hours to kill.” A look of smugness came into Caesar’s face.

“Who said they’re in Manehattan?” There was a pause, after which The Doctor’s eyes and mouth both drooped down, the confusion gone, now replaced with surprise, though not of the good sort.

“…You’re dragging me out of town for this, aren’t you? Why couldn’t you get this guy first?”

“Just relax,” Caesar replied. “They’re only one town over, and it’s not that far. We’ll be back around seven, so you can catch your breath before we go to the Grotto.”

He sighed, following along as Caesar began walking away. “Remind me to ask more before coming with next time you want to show me something.”

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