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Working on a song Empty Working on a song

Post  Danfish77 on Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:03 am

I have been working at this song on and off, as a tribute to the good ship RainbowDash
Takes a riff on the now-familiar "Who's a Silly Pony". I have an unpolished vocal recording- still not sure on lyrics or tempo or anything.

Who's a Silly Pony

Lyrics thus far:
*Who's a silly pony? Who is- you is, Applejack / Who's a silly pony? Who is- you is, Applejack.
Everypony knows good things take time to grow / make sure you harvest it and don't be slow/ don't let her wither on the vine, Oh Applejack

Haven't you heard to be happy doesn't take just a stallion and mare/ When two fillies in love can live together and make the perfect pair / Yeah yeah yeah even Granny'll tell ya somethin's goin' on / you silly foal, she loves you

Oh to her flying through the clouds is a breeze
So why's she spend her time nappin' in the boughs of your trees
You better buck her down and hold her 'fore she dashes away



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Working on a song Empty Re: Working on a song

Post  Pickslide Pony on Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:15 am

Not bad at all. Sounds like it could be a bit upbeat. Can't wait to hear it.
Pickslide Pony
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